A Question of Holmes

- Brittany Cavallaro

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Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson finally have a chance to start over. With all the freedom their pre-college summer program provides and no one on their tail, the only mystery they need to solve, once and for all, is what they are to each other.

But upon their arrival at Oxford, Charlotte is immediately drawn into a new case: a series of accidents befell the theater program at Oxford last year, culminating in a young woman going missing on the night of a major performance.

The mystery has gone unsolved; the case is cold. And no one—least of all the girl’s peculiar, close-knit group of friends—is talking.

When Watson and Holmes join the theater program, the “accidents” start anew, giving them no choice but to throw themselves into the case. But as the complicated lines of friendship, love, and loyalty blur, time is running out—and tragedy waits in the wings.

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solid, good read:
I am so sad I’ve finished this series. I want so many more Holmes and Watson adventures – four was not nearly enough.

The characters throughout this series grew and changed so much. There was evolution and character development and they were allowed to feel like real people rather than becoming caricatures of themselves.

In this book, I was a lot less interested in the ‘case’ which, to be fair, was less involved and important than the cases in the previous books. I was much more interested in the relationship between Charlotte and Jamie and in the change in Charlotte herself. It was nice to have her as a narrator for the whole book (until the epilogue) as it fleshed out her point of view and explained more fully her actions and reactions.

I’m sad this series is over but it’s always nice when a series ends on a high note rather than dragging on past its relevancy. I’ll miss this world and my new favourite characters, Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson.

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