A Week in Winter

- Maeve Binchy

Goodreads Book Blurb:

High on the cliffs of the west coast of Ireland, overlooking the windswept Atlantic ocean, is Stone House. Once falling into disrepair, it is now a beautiful hotel specialising in winter holidays. With a big, warm kitchen, log fires and understated, elegant bedrooms, it provides a welcome few can resist, whatever their reasons for coming…

Henry and Nicola are burdened with a terrible secret and are hoping the break at Stone House will help them find a way to face the future. Winnie, generally one to make the best of things, finds herself on the holiday from hell. Then there’s John, who arrived on impulse after he missed a flight at Shannon; eccentric Freda, who claims to be a psychic – and the silent, watchful Nell, who seems so ready to disapprove. But looks can be deceptive…


My Review:

Every time I think I’ve learned my lesson about waiting weeks to write a review after finishing a book, it happens again. Almost three weeks later, there’s not much about A Week in Winter standing out in my mind, besides the fact that I’m a bit relieved to be finished my massive Binchy undertaking.

I enjoyed the first half of this book. While I may not have understood Chicky’s continued need to lie to her family after years away from home, her journey from teenager to B&B owner was fascinating. Unfortunately, the second half felt more disjointed. I’m used to Binchy’s novels feeling like a collection of short stories, but there’s usually a final chapter, almost like an epilogue, where everything comes together. Especially since a lot of these characters from the second half are international visitors, there’s a lack of closure that left A Week in Winter feeling unfinished.

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