All the Feels

- Olivia Dade


Alexander Woodroe has it all. Charm. Sex appeal. Wealth. Fame. A starring role as Cupid on TV’s biggest show, God of the Gates. But the showrunners have wrecked his character, he’s dogged by old demons, and his post-show future remains uncertain. When all that reckless emotion explodes into a bar fight, the tabloids and public agree: his star is falling.

Enter Lauren Clegg, the former ER therapist hired to keep him in line. Compared to her previous work, watching over handsome but impulsive Alex shouldn’t be especially difficult. But the more time they spend together, the harder it gets to keep her professional remove and her heart intact, especially when she discovers the reasons behind his recklessness…not to mention his Cupid fanfiction habit.

When another scandal lands Alex in major hot water and costs Lauren her job, she’ll have to choose between protecting him and offering him what he really wants—her. But he’s determined to keep his improbably short, impossibly stubborn, and extremely endearing minder in his life any way he can. And on a road trip up the California coast together, he intends to show her exactly what a falling star will do to catch the woman he loves: anything at all.



“Next time you get in a bar fight, don’t bother coming back to the set, asshole,” Ron shouted. “Do you even realize what you’ve done? That kind of juvenile—”
By this point, the rant had entered—Alex craned his neck to catch a glimpse of Ron’s Rolex—its tenth minute. And counting. The amount of blustering tedium the Gods of the Gates showrunner could pack into such a short span of time was impressive, truly.
Alex would applaud if he weren’t too busy fighting both a yawn and his desire to nut-punch his boss.


solid, good read:
It feels like All the Feels took all of the parts of Spoiler Alert that were promising and amplified them into a truly enjoyable read.

I’m not sure Alex may be to everyone’s taste, but he has to be one of my favourite (straight) male romance leads. His energy is so incredibly unique in this role: just unabashedly full-on at all times. You can’t even say that he goes from zero to one hundred because he’s always at 100. His minor appearances in Spoiler Alert didn’t quite tell the whole story, and I came to appreciate him as a person in All the Feels. While he may be full-on, goofy, and very needy, he’s also strong, dependable, and honourable. Every decision he makes comes from a sense of strong morality and righteousness – and while this may be a bit extreme at times, at least it’s always coming from a good place.

Sadly, I didn’t feel like I got to know Lauren quite as well as we got to know Alex. She gets a little absorbed into his world and doesn’t have a lot going on in her own life at the time to pull focus. Lauren has been through a lot between her family and work, but her lack of direction and somewhat passive personality make her almost an afterthought when considering All the Feels. She has some good moments, and I like her sense of humour, but I found most of the story focused much more on Alex, his past, and his relationship with his mother than on anything to do with Lauren.

This is one of those series that seems to get a little better with each book. I have a sneaky suspicion that Ship Wrecked might not be as good, but I’m really enjoying Dade’s writing so far, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’m wrong!



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