All Your Perfects

- Colleen Hoover

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Quinn and Graham’s perfect love is threatened by their imperfect marriage. The memories, mistakes, and secrets that they have built up over the years are now tearing them apart. The one thing that could save them might also be the very thing that pushes their marriage beyond the point of repair.

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meh, nothing special:
There’s nothing terrible about All Your Perfects, but there’s nothing great either.

Quinn and Graham’s entire relationship is based on how much Graham loves Quinn. He’s the one who makes all the moves, has confidence in their relationship, and worships the ground she walks on. Which is great until Quinn decides she doesn’t want that. Suddenly, everything Graham does is too much but not enough, and the poor guy can’t catch a break. Of course, Quinn thinks she’s so clever and hides everything from him, but it doesn’t take a mind reader to figure out what she’s thinking most of the time.

I want to say I liked the then parts more than the now ones, but both became monotonous. Then: sex is good, and we love each other, and no one has ever had a relationship as good as this. Now: push Graham away when he shows me attention, get mad when he doesn’t, pretend everything is okay but refuse to talk about my feelings.

The attempt to address infertility was admirable; unfortunately, I don’t think it was done well. The focus was so much on Quinn wanting but not wanting Graham that their struggle with infertility felt more like an excuse for their problems rather than the actual problem.
Since all their problems were solved so easily with a few letters, it seems unlikely they would’ve solved a deep-rooted issue. Perfect solution for shallow intimacy issues, though.
On another note, I definitely did not appreciate the take on therapy. Felt like an ‘ I’m too smart for therapy, and so it’s not worth the money‘ thing – obviously, you don’t understand what your problem is if you’re this miserable and taking everyone else down with you. Maybe sticking with therapy could’ve dug you out of this hole faster with fewer casualties.

Overall, a pretty benign CoHo love story.

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