Believe Me

- Tahereh Mafi


Juliette and Warner fought hard to take down the Reestablishment once and for all. Life in the aftermath isn’t easy, as they and their friends at the Sanctuary work with their limited resources to stabilize the world.

Warner has his sights set on more than just politics. Since he proposed to Juliette two weeks ago, he’s been eager to finally marry her, the person he loves more than anything and has endured so much to be with. But with so much chaos around them, it’s been nearly impossible for them to have a wedding. And even Juliette has been distracted by everything they need to do.

At long last, Warner and Juliette’s future together is within reach, but the world continues to try to pull them apart. Will they finally be able to be happily, officially, together?



The wall is unusually white.
More white than is usual. Most people think white walls are true white, but the truth is, they only seem white and are not actually white. Most shades of white are mixed in with a bit of yellow, which helps soften the harsh edges of a pure white, making it more of an ecru, or ivory. Various shades of cream. Egg white, even. True white is practically intolerable as a color, so white it’s nearly blue.
This wall, in particular, is not so white as to be offensive, but a sharp enough shade of white to pique my curiousity, which is nothing short of a miracle, really, because I’ve been staring at it for the greater part of an hour. Thirty-seven minutes, to be exact.
I am being held hostage by custom. Formality.


solid, good read:
While Believe Me could’ve used some editing, it’s probably the best novella in this series. The amount of buildup for a very predictable wedding was just too much, though.

I’m not sure Warner needed to be taken quite to that level of robotic before revealing his humanity, but it was nice to see the people who know him step up and force others to reevaluate him as a person. Of course, there’s a long way to go – both on Warner’s part and on the rest of this community – but it’s a good first step.

It’s nice to see that no one else’s personality or character was destroyed to create drama this time around. Kenji, Nazeera, Adam, James – everyone is who you expect them to be. This made all the wedding bullshit a bit easier to handle.

I don’t know. It was an easy read, but it didn’t really add anything to the overall series besides giving it a nice ending. I think some hope for the future was needed after the abrupt ending of Imagine Me, but more could’ve been done without first ostracising and criticising Warner so thoroughly.



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