- Erin Lindsey

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Alix Black’s legendary boldness has landed her in trouble before, but her recent actions are tantamount to treason. By secretly ordering the assassination of the enemy King, Alix inadvertently strengthened the Warlord, last and most ruthless of Oridia’s Trions, giving him free reign to escalate his butchery and prolong the bloody war.

Now nothing stands in the Warlord’s way, because Alix has just betrayed the one man who could stop him. Unbeknownst to his court, King Erik has been spellbound by the enemy. Locking him away in secret, Alix hopes to protect her king without sacrificing his crown. But she’d better hurry: in a court crawling with spies, it won’t be long before her treachery is discovered, and then Alix and everyone sheloves will pay the ultimate price.

To save the kingdom, Alix must first save her king. But it will take all her skill and courage to sneak into enemy territory and kill the bloodbinder controlling Erik. The repercussions of Alix’s secret mission have already cost her dearly, and even if she succeeds, she stands to lose her family, her husband, her king…and her soul.

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almost perfect:
I loved the final instalment in the Bloodbound Trilogy. I know that Bloodforged wasn’t my favourite, but it provided the backstory and buildup to this gripping finale. It honestly felt like I could not put it down.

Once again, I am so impressed by Erin Lindsey’s ability to create real characters. Their emotions and relationships are honest and realistic and don’t bend or break to allow ‘happy endings’ all around. The complicated relationship between Alix, Erik, and Liam after all of their actions in the second book isn’t just pushed aside or forgotten; it grows, develops, and becomes a part of them as the story progresses. This trilogy’s character development and growth are inspiring, but they are still the people I came to care about in Bloodbound. I find that in so many series, the characters stagnate, becoming caricatures of themselves, or they change so easily to allow for plot complications that they’re no longer realistic.
Yes, the end of the war is predictable, but it doesn’t make it any less satisfying. It doesn’t make the novel or trilogy less worth reading. I like the fact that everything isn’t rounded up perfectly with everyone paired off and happy in the end.
There’s an optimistic feeling that there could be a fourth book, even though the story doesn’t need another addition. It doesn’t keep me from wanting more, though: this world and these characters are so real to me I would be happy to escape there for another adventure. Thank you, Erin Lindsey, for a well written, exciting, and all-encompassing trilogy that I am sure to reread again and again.

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