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No one survived the last battle unscathed. Flint is angry at the world, Jaxon is turning into something I don’t recognize, and Hudson has put up a wall I’m not sure I’ll ever break through.

Now war is coming, and we’re not ready. We’re going to need an army to have any hope of winning. But first, there are questions about my ancestors that need answers. Answers that might just reveal who the real monster is among us.

And that’s saying something in a world filled with bloodthirsty vampires, immortal gargoyles, and an ancient battle between two gods.

There’s no guarantee that anyone will be left standing when the dust settles, but if we want to save this world, I have no choice. I’ll have to embrace every part of me…even the parts I fear the most.

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waste of time:
I don’t know why I did this to myself. I knew I wasn’t enjoying this series. I knew that any fun I was getting out of hate-reading was well and truly over after Covet and all of that nonsense. And yet I still picked up Court and thought everything would be okay.

Let’s take the world’s most insecure and touchy teenagers, give them paranormal powers, and send them to war over and over and over again. But make sure to shorten the time constraints so that they have to face three impossible tasks within a week, only a few days after the events of the previous book (which was full of more impossible tasks), which were right after the book before… you get the point. I’m sorry, but the stakes are no longer high, and the results are no longer impressive when a trial is described as impossible and 100% guaranteed death for the fifth time in as many days. Because, and this isn’t even a spoiler because it happens every time; Grace will panic, cry, tell Hudson she loves him, look at her friend’s faces and be able to read their deepest thoughts, and then use her heart, and yay we win again. Oh, don’t forget the weird snapping at each other and petty fights at the worst moments because did I mention these are the world’s most insecure teenagers?

"Seriously?" Mekhi says. "Our classmates are in the hands of a madman, and you guys are going to stand here fighting about stupid shit? Can we please focus on the goal for more than three seconds at a time?"

I can’t do this again; this is the end for me. It should’ve been the end after Crave. I should’ve DNFed it and never looked back. It may be too little too late, but I’m finally getting off this train.

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