Daja's Book

- Tamora Pierce

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The magic is out of control…
The Winding Circle mages were supposed to aid drought-stricken Gold Ridge. But with their magics tangled and entwined, Tris, Sandry, Daja and Briar only add to the valley’s problems.

They must learn restraint…
As flash-fires close in about the castle, the four struggle to master their unpredictable power. It seems their skills must be separated and confined. But that might hamper Daja’s growing ability to manipulate fire … and destroy their one hope of saving Gold Ridge.

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The Circle of Magic series just keeps getting better, as does Daja. Daja’s Book gives us an incredible look into Trader culture and into Daja’s past, present, and future. You can feel her loneliness, cast out from her people, with no hope of ever even being able to speak to them or trade with them again. It was also nice to get out of Winding Circle and experience more of Emelan.

The quartet’s magic has now been so over-tangled, it’s expressing itself on its own and they seem to have no control over it. While for some of them this leads to positive discoveries, others find themselves unable to complete tasks they love. They must find a way to straighten out their magics without endangering themselves or losing their connection with each other.

In the Gold Ridge Mountains, Daja comes across a Trader caravan and feels the loss of her people deeply. It’s one thing to know you’ve been cast out, to carry around your staff with its unmarked brass, and to miss your family. It’s another to come face-to-face with everything becoming trangshi has changed in your life. Daja becomes a real character with depth here. Her loss and longing are haunting, but it’s nice to see her friends support her without judgment.

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