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Three years ago, Lift asked a goddess to stop her from growing older–a wish she believed was granted. Now, in Edgedancer, the barely teenage nascent Knight Radiant finds that time stands still for no one. Although the young Azish emperor granted her safe haven from an executioner she knows only as Darkness, court life is suffocating the free-spirited Lift, who can’t help heading to Yeddaw when she hears the relentless Darkness is there hunting people like her with budding powers. The downtrodden in Yeddaw have no champion, and Lift knows she must seize this awesome responsibility.

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I loved Lift in Words of Radiance so I was pretty excited to find out Edgedancer would be all about her. Unfortunately, it turns out that a little bit of Lift goes a long way.

She growled at him, and he wilted further, but didn't tell her the secret. Well, storms. It was good to see him have a backbone … or, well, the plant equivalent, whatever that was. Backbark?

It appears that a novella by Sanderson’s standards is anything under the usual 1000 pages. So while this is undoubtedly the shortest instalment in The Stormlight Archive series so far, it feels longer than it needs to be. I understand it plays an essential role in taking care of some background information for the rest of the series, but it probably didn’t require quite so much conversation about pancakes.

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