Fyrian's Fire

- Emily H. Jeffries

Goodreads Book Blurb:

The week of her wedding, Lady Tessamine Canyon is jilted by her betrothed, Prince Linden. Left utterly humiliated, Tess betrays a tightly guarded secret to an enemy spy—a decision that throws the Dione of Glademont into chaos. Hunted by bloodthirsty mercenaries, Tess flees into the Hinge Forest. There, with the help of a wild owl and a two-hundred-year-old bear, Tess begins to unlock the forgotten mysteries of her people.

Deep in the woods, the spirit of a long-dead dryad awaits the next Thane of a fierce weapon. To Tess’s amazement, it is she who is called to master the weapon’s power and save Glademont from an impending war.

When a surprising turn of events reunites Tess with Linden—the prince who called off their engagement—Tess must swallow her pride and join forces with him. But even if Tess can rescue her people, will that be enough to forgive her treason? Armed with a fiery magic, Tess is forced to make an impossible choice, one that might seal her fate as the next Thane—but forever extinguish any chance at following her heart.

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My Review:

***Thanks to NetGalley and Girl Friday Books for an eARC of this book. The following review is my honest reflection on the text provided.
not my cup of tea:
I could not get a handle on this narrative; the characters are a lot older than the tone of the narrative suggests. This leaves Fyrian’s Fire feeling like a long, rambling fairy tale with a half-baked concept.

The entire story seems to hinge on the idea that Tess is too self-centred and wants power, but most of the time, it just seems like she would like her fiancé to pay a little attention to her. Unfortunately, Linden is too busy planning a war and keeping her entirely in the dark. Of course, it’s Tess’ fault for not being a mindreader. She’s young enough that her lapses in judgment could be attributed to youth and not a lack of character, but everyone seems very convinced – with no evidence, might I add – it’s the latter.

I can handle talking animals, but, oh boy, the second Profigliano started talking, I was ready to DNF. He comes on really strong, making the story feel hokey or contrived. It probably would’ve been better to DNF Fyrian’s Fire, but I guess I was hoping to come to a different conclusion.

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