Get a Life, Chloe Brown

- Talia Hibbert


Chloe Brown is a chronically ill computer geek with a goal, a plan, and a list. After almost—but not quite—dying, she’s come up with six directives to help her “Get a Life”, and she’s already completed the first: finally moving out of her glamourous family’s mansion. The next items?

• Enjoy a drunken night out.
• Ride a motorcycle.
• Go camping.
• Have meaningless but thoroughly enjoyable sex.
• Travel the world with nothing but hand luggage.
• And… do something bad.

But it’s not easy being bad, even when you’ve written step-by-step guidelines on how to do it correctly. What Chloe needs is a teacher, and she knows just the man for the job.

Redford ‘Red’ Morgan is a handyman with tattoos, a motorcycle, and more sex appeal than ten-thousand Hollywood heartthrobs. He’s also an artist who paints at night and hides his work in the light of day, which Chloe knows because she spies on him occasionally. Just the teeniest, tiniest bit.

But when she enlists Red in her mission to rebel, she learns things about him that no spy session could teach her. Like why he clearly resents Chloe’s wealthy background. And why he never shows his art to anyone. And what really lies beneath his rough exterior…



Once upon a time, Chloe Brown died.


solid, good read:
Get a Life, Chloe Brown is genuinely funny. I don’t say that often when reviewing – humorous fiction often misses the mark for me – but Hibbert’s banter and sarcasm balanced the more serious plot points making for a very enjoyable read.

Hibbert also did well in addressing disability and dating naturally. Chloe’s health problems are a constant throughout the narrative because they’re a constant in her life. I never felt that an issue was being forced, there were no heavy-handed lessons, and Red’s common courtesy and awareness were all the requirements to make him a potential partner. Chloe didn’t need Red to bend over backwards, cater to her every need, and sacrifice everything to ensure she was always comfortable. He just adapted the situation to ensure that she was happy and healthy while checking in to make sure he didn’t miss anything. It was so simple, but it was beautifully done.

On the flip side, I also appreciated that Chloe was very vocal when it came to appreciating Red. Yes, she struggles to accept help due to years of health problems and shitty people in her life making her feel like a burden, but even when she fights his assistance, she takes the time to draw attention to his actions. She doesn’t let him brush aside his emotions and needs, which he is always too willing to do. By doing this, she allows Red to come to terms with why he acts the way he does and helps him break free from this place where he’s felt trapped for far too long.

It seems crazy that a book with so much emotional (and physical) content could feel light, sweet, and funny, but Hibbert nailed both the content and the vibe. I’m very excited to continue this series and can’t wait to learn more about Chloe’s sisters.



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