- Raven Kennedy


‘It scares me – what I did that night. Because I don’t know my own power . . . But that’s been the problem all along, hasn’t it?’

My life has been shaped and controlled by the greed of others, but that ends now.

I have burned down the court of King Midas and from those flames, I will rise and wield my own power.

The problem is, when you turn against a King – everyone turns against you.

But with Slade by my side we will fight the monarchs that come for us. And if we need to become the villains, then so be it.

Because as long as I live in this world, I won’t be used again.

I must be strong. I must be undefeatable. I will shine like the sun – and blind our enemies . . .



The air is full of screams.


solid, good read:
I’m not sure when the Plated Prisoner series started being good, but I cannot get enough. One minute I’m over Auren’s inner monologue; the next, I’m trying to figure out how many books are planned in this series and how to get my hands on the next one.

I’m definitely not saying Auren isn’t annoying anymore or that the series is less predictable, but at least it’s getting better. Auren is taking more responsibility, becoming more independent, and has learned a lot from her past. She’s obsessed with Slade, sure, but she checks in more with herself and with him to prevent repeating her history. She tests his (and their) boundaries, doesn’t take anything at face value, and works harder to be able to depend on herself and her magic.

Slade may not be the extremely possessive fae male I’m used to reading (thankfully), but he is becoming a little monotonous. Overly supportive, he sacrifices a little too much just to be in the same space as Auren, procrastinating pretty important duties and responsibilities.
Unless Auren is in a life-threatening (or ribbon-threatening) situation, and then for some reason, he’s as far away as possible and unable to help. He probably didn’t need to stand guard over her comatose body while his most loyal soldiers protected her in a location that no one knew about. But on the day he turns down a summons for her to be sent to trial and the messenger loyal to another kingdom is packing up to leave, he should probably stick around and make sure she isn’t abducted.
I would like to get back to the powerful, sarcastic, and flirty Slade, who does more than babysit and fight with his brother.

All of these books are much longer than needed, but I appreciate the time these characters spend together. It strengthens their bonds and relationships, and nothing feels rushed or forced. It helps to have a few more perspectives this time around (any time outside of Auren’s head is good), though the direction this story took started to make me feel sick. The helplessness and the forced choices are hard to accept, and I hope the next book in the series offers some resolution.



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