Kilt to Order

- Susannah Nix


A nerdy wallflower recruits her athlete roommate to give her love lessons

As a Highland Games athlete and a firefighter, I’m used to women trying to get under my kilt. But I never expected to be propositioned by my bookworm roommate.

Casey’s one of my best friends and my buddy’s younger sister. What am I supposed to do when she confesses that she’s on a mission to lose her virginity—and I’m the guy she trusts to do the deed?

If I say no, she’ll only turn to another dude instead. Someone’s got to keep her out of trouble, so I agree to give her some hands-on experience. I can teach Casey how to bring a man to his knees and still keep things platonic. A little friends-with-benefits action shouldn’t be a problem.

Uh, yeah. Small problem. The more boxes we check off on Casey’s lesson plan, the more it seems I’ve taught her too well.

Because the man she’s bringing to his knees is me.



I can't believe I'm actually on a date with a real live man.


enjoyable/easy to read:

* Thanks to NetGalley and Author Collective 20 for an eARC of this book. The following review is my honest reflection on the text provided. *

I usually try to skip books about friends-to-lovers where one friend sleeps around and avoids commitment, and the other is a self-conscious virgin. There are so many horrific pitfalls to avoid, and the story always ends the same way. Thankfully, Kilt to Order seems to be (mostly) an exception.

Maybe it’s because Casey is bookish or because Gareth is already open and nurturing, but the obstacles for these two to fall together seem relatively easy to overcome. They make the usual mistakes, like promising that nothing will ruin their friendship and trying to hide their feelings, but with the help of some pushy friends, these two problems are very quickly ignored and don’t become major plot devices to keep them apart.

"I'm terrific. Just trying to make my peace with being a virgin forever."

She pulls me into a crushing hug. "The entire concept of virginity is an artificial construct of the patriarchy used to shame and control women. There's no physical difference between a woman who's had sex and a woman who hasn't. Not to mention how heteronormative it is to frame the act of sex around vaginal penetration."

"I know," I say when she releases me and I can breathe again. "But none of that changes the fact that I'd still like to get laid at some point in my life."

Overall, the spice is pretty vanilla, and Casey’s first time is, of course, magically perfect. Still, the romance is sweet and seeing these two kind people give in to their feelings and learn how to be in a relationship together is heartwarming. Nix manages to skip over unnecessary jealousy or lack of communication tropes and allows things to develop naturally. Some things are going on in the background that allow for time to pass but don’t distract too much from the romance - I do wish we explored some of these threads a little further, but I am hoping that they may be picked up later in the series. It will be interesting to see if the next book is as achingly sweet or if we may move a little further out of virgin territory. Either way, I would be interested in reading more.


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