Nothing but the Rain

- Naomi Salman


The rain in Aloisville is never-ending, and no one can remember when it started. There’s not much they can remember. With every drop that hits their skin, a bit of memory is washed away. Stay too long in the wet, and you’ll lose everything you used to be.

By the time Laverne begins keeping a journal, the small town she calls home has been irreparably changed. Every drop of water is dangerous, from leaky faucets to the near-constant rainfall, and a careless trip outside can mean a life down the drain. With mysterious forces preventing escape, calls for rebellion seem to be on every resident’s lips. But Laverne has no interest in fighting. She has no interest in rebellion. She just wants to survive.



Found a notebook at long last.


* Thanks to NetGalley and Tordotcom for an eARC of this book. The following review is my honest reflection on the text provided. *

absolute favourite:
Nothing but the Rain is seriously impressive. Salman built an entire world in a limited number of pages and told a complex and compelling story. The number of twists and turns had me second-guessing everything.

This is the kind of psychological thriller I can get behind. We know we have an unreliable narrator, even the narrator knows she’s unreliable. At any moment, the wrong decision can wipe away days or months or years, rewriting everything we’ve come to accept as fact. And since our narrator doesn’t know when this is happening – only that it could happen – it starts to make the reader question what is truth and what is delusion.

Nothing but the Rain packs a serious punch in a short amount of time. It perfectly balances completing the story while leaving you wanting more. I can highly recommend Nothing but the Rain for a quick read that won’t let you go.


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