One for the Money

- Janet Evanovich

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You’ve lost your job as a department store lingerie buyer, your car’s been repossessed, and most of your furniture and small appliances have been sold off to pay last month’s rent. Now the rent is due again. And you live in New Jersey. What do you do?

If you’re Stephanie Plum, you become a bounty hunter. But not just a nickel-and-dime bounty hunter; you go after the big money. That means a cop gone bad. And not just any cop. She goes after Joe Morelli, a disgraced former vice cop who is also the man who took Stephanie’s virginity at age 16 and then wrote details on a bathroom wall. With pride and rent money on the line, Plum plunges headlong into her first case, one that pits her against ruthless adversaries – people who’d rather kill than lose.

In Stephanie Plum, Evanovich has created a resourceful and humorous character who stands apart from the pack of gritty female detectives.

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I’ve read many of the books in this series before I started tracking on Goodreads but can never remember how far I’ve made it through, especially considering how many have continued to come out over the years. One for the Money is a standout start to a great series. It’s short and easy to read, but the characters are vibrant, the action is intense, and the stakes are high. It feels like you’re reading a trashy paperback with a classy author.

The joy of rereading One for the Money is knowing that there are plenty of books to follow. It’s probably better to view this book as a pilot episode – a quick introduction to the cast of characters but not diving deep into their individuality yet.

Considering I finished this one off in one session and was planning to go to sleep an hour ago, I probably shouldn’t start the second one tonight, right?

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