Realm of Lore and Lies

- Claire Wright

Goodreads Book Blurb:

Nothing is ever as it seems, especially when Fair Ones are involved.

In a land that harbours two realms, magical creatures and dangerous games are a way of life and death for the travelling Fianna clans. It is an honour to visit Tír na nÓg, even if the price is pretending Fair Ones don’t hunt humans for sport. Ireland native Aisling never imagined she’d be alone, living a double life. But when your family shares the ability to see through Fae glamour, keeping secrets isn’t something you do for fun. You do it to stay alive.

A murder leaves Aisling motherless, thrusting her into the position of matriarch in a world she thought she’d never return to. Teaming up with an unlikely band of allies for a competition steeped in peril, she can’t resist the distraction warrior Setanta offers. Brooding, gorgeous and impossibly strong, he gives her a chance to be something she never could before—herself.

Bonded by troubled pasts and deadly circumstances, the team of misfits must face damaging truths as they try to stop their worlds from colliding.

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My Review:

***Thanks to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for an eARC of this book. The following review is my honest reflection on the text provided.

Realm of Lore and Lies is one of those books that you know you should be enjoying as you’re reading it, but you can’t quite bring yourself to that level. All the individual parts are remarkable, but something about their assembly feels off. Whether it’s the pacing, the interactions, the decisions, or the rampant instalove, there’s just something working against your desire to enjoy this read. After all, you can’t describe a magical gift as being unique and then by the end of the book, basically everyone can do it.

That said, I believe Realm of Lore and Lies is worth reading for Mae and Mae alone. Her very human desire to be accepted by her mother (and her clan) and her acting out to defend herself when she knows this will never happen was captivating. She is the most grounded character whose actions make sense and made me want to know so much more about her.

I think I would be interested to read the next book in this series. With some editing, I believe there are the bones of something special here. Maybe it will reveal itself moving forward.

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