Ruby Falls

- Deborah Goodrich Royce

Goodreads Book Blurb:

On a brilliantly sunny July day, six-year-old Ruby is abandoned by her father in the suffocating dark of a Tennessee cave. Twenty years later, transformed into soap opera star Eleanor Russell, she is fired under dubious circumstances. Fleeing to Europe, she marries a glamorous stranger named Orlando Montague and keeps her past closely hidden.

Together, Eleanor and Orlando start afresh in LA. Setting up house in a storybook cottage in the Hollywood Hills, Eleanor is cast in a dream role—the lead in a remake of Rebecca. As she immerses herself in that eerie gothic tale, Orlando’s personality changes, ghosts of her past re-emerge, and Eleanor fears she is not the only person in her marriage with a secret.

In this thrilling and twisty homage to Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, the story ricochets through the streets of Los Angeles, a dangerous marriage to an exotic stranger, and the mind of a young woman whose past may not release her.


My Review:

***Thanks to NetGalley and Post Hill Press for an eARC of this book. The following review is my honest reflection on the text provided.

enjoyable/easy to read:

The first 90% of Ruby Falls is almost perfect. Eleanor and her whirlwind romance are completely believable. Abandoned by her father, she clings to the hope that this mysterious foreign man loves her. Even when he shows signs of not being the man she believes him to be, she forges ahead and tries to make things work. In another character this would be frustrating and I’d want to shake her and tell her to wake up, but Eleanor seems fragile and entirely dependent on this story she’s telling herself. She’s an actor playing a role that she’s written for herself and giving up the role, admitting that her husband isn’t who he says he is and their romance may be a lie, would destroy her.

The stakes get higher as the lies pile up and the deception can no longer be ignored. I was 100% on board, totally hooked, and could not stop reading. But then, one chapter later, it all fell flat. Any credibility the plot had was lost, and I was left feeling disappointed.

Psychological thrillers should pull the rug out from under you, make you want to reread parts to be able to see where you were misled and how the author was able to direct your attention away from what was really going on. But here? She just made it all up. The story that was told didn’t line up with what we’re supposed to believe happened at all. The amount of explanation and ‘clean up’ at the end points to how poorly this was planned.
I’m still giving this 3 stars because 90% of almost 300 pages of perfection is acceptable. I just wish the ending didn’t ruin the rest for me.

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