Sandry's Book

- Tamora Pierce

Goodreads Book Blurb:

The Winding Circle Temple has four new residents…
Sandry, Tris, Briar and Daja couldn’t be more different. One is of noble birth and one is a street urchin, brought up to a life of thievery. One is a Trader and one a merchant girl, two cultures traditionally at war with each other.

But the all have something in common…
They each possess a strange and wonderful power. These four powers will unite them. And when disaster strikes, it is the weaving of the magic that will keep them alive…

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My Review:

meh, nothing special:

“Without patience magic would be undiscovered; in rushing everything, we would never hear its whisper inside.”

The first book in the Emelan universe is also the first book in the Circle of Magic series. Geared towards a slightly younger age than the Song of the Lioness, I’ve always enjoyed this series but it doesn’t have quite the same nostalgic hold on me as the Tortall Universe. This is probably why I wasn’t aware that Pierce had gone on to write two further series in this realm, The Circle Opens, and The Circle Reforged. So I’m back to refresh my memory before checking out these new series.

My favourite part of Sandry’s Book is the backstory of the children and how Niko searches to rescue them from uncertain to terrible fates. I remember the first time I read this book, and series, Briar was my favourite. He’s the most grounded and straightforward. Not to mention, I would love to have his plant magic. And while he is probably still my favourite, with a little more perspective I have a new level of appreciation for his three companions. Daja is proud and independent; her ability to keep moving forward after her own people have deserted and shunned her would take an incredible strength of character and determination. Sandry comes from a privileged, if somewhat neglected, background. After surviving a plague and haunting isolation, her spirit is battered but her kindness is unshakeable. And finally, there’s Tris. I know she’s endured a lot and having your whole family turn their back on you is terrible, but she’s my least favourite of the four. She takes everything so personally, it starts to drag down the dialogue every time they have to deal with her brash reaction to a benign comment.

I’m sure it’s just the age demographic that this book is geared towards which made this book enjoyable but not amazing for me. I kept wishing the book was more about the teachers rather than the students. Niko, Rosethorn, Frostpine, and Lark seem like they would have a lot of good stories.

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