- Philip Pullman

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‘Lyra Silvertongue, you’re very welcome… Yes, I know your new name. Serafina Pekkala told me everything about your exploits.’

Lyra and her daemon Pantalaimon have left the events of His Dark Materials far behind.

In this snapshot of their forever-changed lives they return to the North to visit an old friend, where we will learn that things are not exactly as they seem…

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absolute favourite:
Honestly a perfect story.

Serpentine had everything you’d want in a return to Lyra’s world: memories of Iorek and Lee, mentions of Will and Serafina, and best of all, an honest and open discussion between Lyra and Pan about their separation in The Amber Spyglass. I love any and all insights into the relationship between people and their daemons and how it reflects on their character and their overall happiness in life – the not-so-hidden moral of knowing and accepting yourself.

Perfect length, perfect subject matter, perfect story. I loved it.

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