Sizzling Sixteen

- Janet Evanovich

Goodreads Book Blurb:

Trenton, New Jersey, bounty hunter Stephanie Plum has inherited a “lucky” bottle from her Uncle Pip. Problem is, Uncle Pip didn’t specify if the bottle brought good luck or bad luck. . . .

Vinnie, of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds, has run up a gambling debt of $786,000 with mobster Bobby Sunflower and is being held until the cash can be produced. Nobody else will pay to get Vinnie back, leaving it up to Stephanie, office manager Connie, and file clerk Lula to raise the money if they want to save their jobs.

Being in the business of tracking down people, Stephanie, Lula, and Connie have an advantage in finding Vinnie. If they can rescue him, it will buy them some time to raise the cash.

Finding a safe place to hide Vinnie turns out to be harder than raising $786,000. Vinnie’s messing up Mooner’s vibe, running up pay-per-view porn charges in Ranger’s apartment, and making Stephanie question genetics.

Between a bonds office yard sale that has the entire Burg turning out, Mooner’s Hobbit-Con charity event, and Uncle Pip’s lucky bottle, they just might raise enough money to save the business, and Vinnie, from ruin.

Saving Vincent Plum Bail Bonds means Stephanie can keep being a bounty hunter. In Trenton, this involves hunting down a man wanted for polygamy, a turnpike toilet paper bandit, and a drug dealer with a pet alligator named Mr. Jingles.

The job of bounty hunter comes with perks in the guise of Trenton’s hottest cop, Joe Morelli, and the dark and dangerous security expert, Ranger. With any luck at all, Uncle Pip’s lucky bottle will have Stephanie getting lucky–the only question is . . . with whom?

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My Review:

not my cup of tea:
I’m getting to the point where the series doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. No one changes, there’s no growth or character development, and everyone is doing the same thing repeatedly. I’m struggling to fight the monotony to stay interested in these books. Stephanie fights with Morelli and flirts with Ranger. She gets herself into an impossible situation, Ranger saves the day and/or her life, and Morelli cleans up and gets the girl. Lula makes terrible decisions, talks too much, shoots at something and misses, and then eats a box of doughnuts. There are 2-3 side characters to insert witty banter or comic relief, Grandma Mazur hurts herself and goes to viewings, and Stephanie’s mum cooks everyone dinner.

That is realistically the synopsis of every book in this series. I guess by book sixteen (not counting the ridiculous Between-the-Numbers books), I was hoping that something would have changed, even a little. I’ve come too far, and these books are at least quick, easy reads, so I can’t stop now, but I’m seriously dreading working my way through the rest of the series, knowing nothing new is going to happen.

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