The Love of My Other Life

- C.J. Connolly

Goodreads Book Blurb:

Imagine you woke up with the perfect life . . . But it wasn’t yours.

Today is Josie’s 36th birthday.

Josie’s a single British woman living in a tiny walk-up in Brooklyn. She misses her family, but her radio show is starting to go places. And sure, she could be a dress size smaller, but no one cares what you look like on the radio. The guy she’s had a crush on for months, is finally going to break up with his girlfriend. She hopes.

She’s zipping through traffic on her way to meet friends for dinner at a SoHo restaurant. There’s a screech of brakes, Josie crashes her bike, and her world goes black.

Then something extraordinary happens.

She wakes up in hospital. The handsome stranger by her side, holding her hand and telling her he loves her, is Rob. Her husband of two years. They live in a chic Manhattan penthouse. She works in real estate. And she’s thirty pounds slimmer than when she got on her bike that morning.

Josie has no idea how she got here. This new life is everything she ever wanted. But there’s one thing missing . . .

And now she has to decide: should she go back to her old single life in Brooklyn or stay with the love of her nearly perfect new life?

What would you do?


My Review:

***Thanks to NetGalley and Joffe Books for an eARC of this book. The following review is my honest reflection on the text provided.

The Love of My Other Life is a nice twist on the expected coma romance trope. Unfortunately, I just didn’t like Josie. It feels like no matter her situation, she is incapable of being happy; any spark of joy is quickly extinguished, often for very little reason. To be fair, I don’t think there are many characters I did like. There was no complexity – everyone showed up to play the necessary role and then faded into the background. With no exploration into motivations or histories, the entire narrative felt superficial.

I was hoping for a twist – something to turn this multiverse into a psychological thriller – but that’s just me trying to force my preferences onto a different kind of story. When everything kept going in the predictable direction, though, I will admit I lost interest. It was pretty clear that regardless of what happened, Josie would find a way to be unhappy and blame it on Rob while taking no responsibility for her actions. I understand I’m being hypocritical – I can’t stand instalove, but everything here took. so. long. But not because we got a lot of details. Instead, months seem to go by with no change in these relationships or any plot development. It’s easy to skip from Christmas to Valentine’s Day to Easter if nothing happens in between these holidays.

Fairly average with a few good moments The Love of My Other Life is a nice change on an expected trope but just didn’t do it for me.

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