The Modern Girl's Guide to Magic

- Linsey Hall


So here’s the deal—I’m a magical disaster.

A witch from a family of witches, and the only one whose magic blows up in her face. Which is why I came up with my rules…

1. Never get involved with magic

2. If you must, do not enter a competition to win the biggest magical fortune in England

3. And definitely don't fall for Callan Hawthorne, the sexy billionaire mage who you've hated for years

So how the heck do I end up in a situation that promises to break all those rules? It's the only way to save Seaside Spells, my family’s magical potion shop.

But it’s cool. When I go back home to Charming Cove—a village of ancient pubs and foul-mouthed familiars—I will totally ignore Witch Weekly’s Sexiest Man of the Year. I’ll win the competition, and if I’m lucky, I won’t turn myself into a toad in the process.

This'll be fine. It’ll all be fine.


The Modern Girl’s Guide to Magic is a fun, light romantic comedy full of laughter, love, and magical hijinks. It’s the first in a series of stand alone romances set in the seaside village of Charming Cove.



If I knew one thing about magic, it was that I should never, ever use it. Especially when I was incredibly, deeply annoyed with a bridezilla who wouldn't stop complaining about every aspect of her wedding.


enjoyable/easy to read:

* Thanks to NetGalley and Bonnie Doon Press for an eARC of this book. The following review is my honest reflection on the text provided. *

Described as a "fun, light romantic comedy", The Modern Girl's Guide to Magic delivers exactly that. I was very intrigued by the setup; a magic competition between the most powerful witches sounds incredible. But it should’ve been sold as a scavenger hunt slash friendly game with relaxed rules to allow time for making friendships and tackling outside problems. The writing was fun and light, and everything is very serious, but not so serious that there isn’t time for coffee and pastries.

It does seem a little strange that the central love story is a slow burn disguised as enemies to lovers based on one conversation many years ago when the age gap was more than a little troubling. It’s an awkward setup that takes some time to explain and ease into. Once that’s done, though, the obstacles seem to be overcome quite quickly, like most of the challenges in the narrative are. With all the supposed power and seriousness of this competition, I was expecting a little more going on below the surface, but I still enjoyed this read.

If you’re looking for light and enjoyable with a side of sweet romance, The Modern Girl's Guide to Magic has got you covered.


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