The Ones We're Meant to Find

- Joan He

Goodreads Book Blurb:

Two sisters. An unputdownable story.

Cee woke up on the shores of an abandoned island three years ago with no idea how she got there. Now eighteen, she lives in a shack with an ageing android, and a single memory: she has a sister, and she has to escape to find her.

From the safety of the eco-city floating above Earth, now decimated by natural disasters, sixteen-year-old Kasey mourns Cee whom she’s sure is dead. She too wants to escape: the eco-city is meant to be a sanctuary for people who want to save the planet, but its inhabitants are willing to do anything for refuge, even lie. Is Kasey ready to use technology to help Earth, even though it failed her sister?

Cee and Kasey think that what they know about each other and their world is true. Both are wrong.


My Review:

***Thanks to NetGalley and Text Publishing for an eARC of this book. The following review is my honest reflection on the text provided.

solid, good read:
Beautifully written and captivating, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The cross narratives of sisters separated by so many factors heightened the emotions and raised the stakes as they fought to be reunited.

What seems a simple matter of distance between sisters becomes more complex as details are revealed with emotional gut punches over and over again. The world becomes more twisted, utopia crumbles into dystopia, and hope disappears.

Even the writing style of the different perspectives match the storyteller. Cee is descriptive and flowing, her narrative revolves around colours and memories and dreams.

When I dream of her, it’s in vibrant color, unlike the gradients of gray of my monochrome days. But everything is hazy when I wake. The details merge. The colors fade.

The writing is lyrical and strong, reflecting her emotions and surroundings and the task at hand. Kasey, on the other hand, is logical to a fault and the writing feels clipped and insensitive.

"None of us live without consequence. Our personal preferences are not truly personal. One person’s needs will deny another’s. Our privileges can harm ourselves and others."

At one point she begins to show signs of weakening and the narrative reflects this but quickly straightens out as she gets a handle on herself and her decision.

The ending ran a little long for me after the final reveal; I kept waiting for something else to happen which made it a little anticlimactic, but in no way ruins the story or my overall enjoyment. I would highly recommend The Ones We’re Meant to Find to any Black Mirror fans – the style is very similar. Everything is not as it first appears in this sure to be incredibly popular sci-fi story.

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