The Silver Shooter

- Erin Lindsey

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It’s the spring of 1887, and Rose Gallagher is finally coming into her own. She’s the proud owner of a lovely little home near Washington Square, where she lives with her mother and friend Pietro, and she’s making a name for herself as a Pinkerton agent with a specialty in things . . . otherworldly. She and her partner Thomas are working together better than ever, and mostly managing to push aside romantic feelings for one another. Mostly.

Things are almost too good to be true—so Rose is hardly surprised when Theodore Roosevelt descends on them like a storm cloud, hiring them for a mysterious job out west. A series of strange occurrences in the Badlands surrounding his ranch has Roosevelt convinced something supernatural is afoot.

It began with livestock disappearing from the range, their bodies later discovered torn apart by something monstrously powerful. Now people are dying, too. Meanwhile, a successful prospector has gone missing, and rumors about his lost stash of gold have attracted treasure hunters from far and wide – but they keep disappearing, too. To top it all off, this past winter, a mysterious weather phenomenon devastated the land, leaving the locals hungry, broke, and looking for someone to blame.

With tensions mounting and the body count rising, Roosevelt fears a single spark will be all it takes to set the Badlands aflame. It’s up to Rose and Thomas to get to the bottom of it, but they’re against the clock and an unknown enemy, and the west will prove wilder than they could possibly imagine…

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This terrible romance has finally crossed the line from ‘slight annoyance‘ to ‘ruining the story‘ and it makes me so mad. I loved so much about The Silver Shooter – the western setting, magic and alchemy, the introduction of the Lakota people into the narrative – but why? Why do we have to deal with this stupid social status romance nonsense?

It felt at times like the characters were running around in circles. They kept commenting on how little time they had to figure things out due to the deadly nature of the case – especially once someone they care about is arrested – but they spend an awful lot of time hanging out in the saloon and kissing. And thinking about kissing. I wish the focus had been more on the magic and the mystery. Because it is such a good mystery.

Burrows and Edith are quickly becoming so much more interesting than Rose and Thomas. I would love a spinoff where these two realise they’re perfect for each other. Mainly because then we wouldn’t have to deal with this social status drama bullshit. It can’t be a coincidence, either, that the more Clara is cut out of the narrative, the more annoying it gets.

And the ending. Really? I could not have ended this worse if I had tried. I went digging, looking for even the hint of a possibility of another book in the Rose Gallagher Mystery series. I finally found a blog entry on Lindsey’s website confirming that there will be a fourth book, but it took a lot of effort to find even that small nugget of hope. I hate romantic complications based on people not fucking talking to each other

You don’t pack up and change your entire life without first having an honest conversation with the person you’re so convinced is forcing you to leave.

Dumb. So freaking dumb. I swear, if there isn’t another book to clear up all this nonsense, I will have lost all faith in Lindsey. Which would suck, considering she’s quickly becoming one of my favourite authors.

I shook my head wonderingly. "The cases we deal with … luck, witchcraft, ghosts … all these supernatural things, and yet when it comes right down to it, the motives are so very ordinary. Greed. Politics. Revenge. The same as any old case that might land on Sergeant Chapman's desk."

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