The Thousand Crimes of Ming Tsu

- Tom Lin

Goodreads Book Blurb:

Orphaned young, Ming Tsu, the son of Chinese immigrants, is raised by the notorious leader of a California crime syndicate, who trains him to be his deadly enforcer. But when Ming falls in love with Ada, the daughter of a powerful railroad magnate, and the two elope, he seizes the opportunity to escape to a different life. Soon after, in a violent raid, the tycoon’s henchmen kidnap Ada and conscript Ming into service for the Central Pacific Railroad.

Battered, heartbroken, and yet defiant, Ming partners with a blind clairvoyant known only as the prophet. Together the two set out to rescue his wife and to exact revenge on the men who destroyed Ming, aided by a troupe of magic-show performers, some with supernatural powers, whom they meet on the journey. Ming blazes his way across the West, settling old scores with a single-minded devotion that culminates in an explosive and unexpected finale.


My Review:


A man is immortal until the moment of his death. And then he is vulnerable to all things. But until this moment he lives forever, and nothing in all creation can lay him low.

This is tough for me. I loved this story but could not get past the writing style. The old western style with magic, mystery, and vengeance was so good. Unfortunately, I felt like I was stumbling through the whole thing, just trying to make it through the book. I am definitely not blaming Lin for this because he wrote a beautiful story that I should have loved. Let’s call it bad timing mixed with a reading slump and leave it at that.

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