Tricky Twenty-Two

- Janet Evanovich

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Stephanie Plum might not be the world’s greatest bounty hunter, but she knows when she’s being played. Ken Globovic (aka Gobbles), hailed as the Supreme Exalted Zookeeper of the animal house known as Zeta fraternity, has been arrested for beating up the dean of students at Kiltman College. Gobbles has missed his court date and gone into hiding. People have seen him on campus, but no one will talk. Things just aren’t adding up, and Stephanie can’t shake the feeling that something funny is going on at the college—and it’s not just Zeta fraternity pranks.

As much as people love Gobbles, they hate Doug Linken. When Linken is gunned down in his backyard it’s good riddance, and the list of possible murder suspects is long. The only people who care about finding Linken’s killer are Trenton cop Joe Morelli, who has been assigned the case, security expert Ranger, who was hired to protect Linken, and Stephanie, who has her eye on a cash prize and hopefully has some tricks up her sleeve.

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I was getting tired of the Stephanie Plum routine, but, damn, Tricky Twenty-Two was good. It was an interesting, albeit predictable, plot that broke away from the traditional Plum routine. There were also finally less eye-roll-inducing rookie mistakes that really should not be happening after 22 books and several side novellas.

Grandma Mazur was super involved in this book in everything from the funeral home to catfishing to taking down fugitives. And it was great getting Stephanie’s mum in on it too. Less Lula fat jokes this time around, which were getting super old, so that was nice. And Morelli was starting to get annoying the last few books, and he’s turned it around a little in this one. Ranger is still the best and always there to save the day, but it was nice that Stephanie and her sidekicks saved the day themselves a few times.

Overall, this book had the excitement of one of the early ones, and it was nice to be back to enjoying the ride rather than just trying to get through it.

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