Village Fool

- 'Nathan Burgoine

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Owen is only confident in two places: at work, supporting clients through IT woes, and when he’s sitting around a gaming table in the role of a smooth and charming bard. He’s never acted on the crush he’s had on his physiotherapist—and total cubcake—Toma. Even though Owen’s no longer Toma’s patient, and his crush hasn’t dialed down in the slightest, Owen can’t figure out how to make a move.

When a friend decides to play a prank involving Owen’s contact list, Owen spends the morning of April Fools’ day inadvertently texting smooth and charming thoughts about Toma… to Toma himself.

By the time Owen discovers the prank, things are completely out of control. Discussions of thighs and awards for the World’s Best Chest have been handed out—not to mention they’ve set an accidental coffee date—and there’s no taking that sort of thing back. When this joke finally gets told, Owen’s convinced he’ll be the punchline, but with a little luck and some nudging from his friends, the last laugh might be the best of his life.

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***Thanks to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an eARC of this book. The following review is my honest reflection on the text provided.

solid, good read:

A quick read, I thoroughly enjoyed Village Fool. I’ve found holiday-themed books to be fairly contrived in the past and didn’t have high hopes for an April Fools Day-related novella. I am very happy to be wrong in this instance.

Sugary-sweet, in both the plot and the desserts, I enjoyed Owen and his clumsy flirting (and not-so-clumsy texting). The events played out believably and everyone’s reactions made sense, two things that rarely occur in holiday fiction, which has a minefield of predictable tropes. Owen’s group of friends is great and I loved their nerdy banter; I will definitely be looking into more of the Little Village novellas if I get to read more about them.

Moral of the story: friends should not have unsupervised access to your phone. Or maybe they should?

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