When Twilight Breaks

- Sarah Sundin

Goodreads Book Blurb:

Evelyn Brand is an American foreign correspondent determined to prove her worth in a male-dominated profession and to expose the growing tyranny in Nazi Germany. To do so, she must walk a thin line. If she offends the government, she could be expelled from the country—or worse. If she does not report truthfully, she’ll betray the oppressed and fail to wake up the folks back home.

Peter Lang is an American graduate student working on his PhD in German. Disillusioned with the chaos in the world due to the Great Depression, he is impressed with the prosperity and order of German society. But when the brutality of the regime hits close, he discovers a far better way to use his contacts within the Nazi party—to feed information to the shrewd reporter he can’t get off his mind.

As the world marches relentlessly toward war, Evelyn and Peter are on a collision course with destiny.


My Review:

***Thanks to NetGalley and Revell for an eARC of this book. The following review is my honest reflection on the text provided.

solid, good read:
A fascinating story set in Germany leading up to WWII. Two Americans demonstrate the different foreigner’s reactions to Hitler’s Germany before the war and end up learning together and changing each other in order to survive.

Peter is spending the year in Germany as a part of his research towards completing his PhD. He has a history of violence at the hands of communists and so he sees Hitler’s Germany with unity and no unemployment as the solution to America’s problems. Evelyn is a journalist, horrified by the new laws and the persecution that Peter doesn’t seem to notice. Fighting not only the limitations placed on her by her gender but the rewriting of her articles by her seemingly Nazi-sympathising editor, she also has a history of suitors trying to force her to fit the mould of the perfect housewife and subservient woman.

This story is not only unique in its perspective in the historical fiction genre, it’s also quite thrilling and kept me on the edge of my seat. I only meant to start this book before bed and somehow have finished it in one sitting instead. The writing felt a bit awkward at times and there’s a whole lot of religion and discussion about God and church and prayer, but the story and the characters more than made up for it. I tried to keep in mind the time period in which this book was set and it helped make the bible-speak less grating. I was impressed with how wide the scope of this book was for less than 400 pages, the story covered a lot of important information and a lot happened within these pages.

I would definitely recommend this book to any historical fiction fans, any lovers of progressive (for the time period) romance novels, or anyone interested in the perspectives of Germans and foreigners in the years before WWII began. This book is full of small kindnesses making all the difference, acts of bravery in the face of overwhelming evil, and, of course, time for romance in the midst of running for your life.

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